"The Cham Albanians of Greece" - in Londer

Friday April 26, Cham Studies Institute organized promotion of the book "The Cham Albanians of Greece" in Travelers Club in London. This is the second event of such a series of documentary promoting this very important book for Chameria. In this activity, except Bejtullah Press authors honored Robert Elsie, attended by representatives from Cham Studies Institute, the renowned English professor, representatives of the diplomatic corps, representatives of the media, an Albanian living and working in the UK etc.. Promotion was present at the famous British professor Noel Malcolm, who in his speech I describe this book as an important foundation for the Cham issue and highlighted the valuable role that historians may have to promote the assets of the Cham issue Academic appropriate as this book represents. Also in the main panel I was invited and Sir Geoffrey Nice, one of the most prominent figures in the Albanian world, as a prosecutor during the trial of former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic, who appreciate the importance of this book when he personally before reading this book did not know that there was an issue so vital and living in the Balkan region. In promoting this book in London, in the country and where the book was published, the Research Institute for Çamëria reached his main aim of this activity, international awareness of the issue in one of the most important city in world history and decision making. Also Cham Studies Institute thanks all Albanians who were present at the meeting as well as the Ambassador of the Republic of Albania in England, Mr. Mal Berisha with other representatives of our embassy in London in support for this activity that gave and international awareness Cham issue. Thanks to the most important of the two authors definitely go for the great work you have done working on a book of major importance, as an important step for resolution of issues Cham.