lunch buffet catering singapore

Never before has the desire for freedom made itself felt like this year. Getting back to normal a little at a time is not easy but, thanks to the good weather, with the necessary precautions we can think of resuming traveling, moving for a few days or even just during the day. Our beautiful country is so rich in spectacular itineraries that, wherever you live in Italy, you can certainly enjoy the ideal views for a trip of even a few hours lunch buffet catering singapore.

Thus the season of picnics, packed lunches and trips out of town also starts again, and the increasing attention to the quality of the food means that the simple sandwich is now out of fashion.

The custom of the picnic was born, it is thought, around 1600 as a simple “lunch break” during long carriage rides. Over time, then, it became a real characteristic rite especially of the nobility, who could exploit large parks and wonderful gardens. This practice was so appreciated that it was described by art in various forms, from painting to writing, just think of the wonderful paintings that Impressionism gave us. But what to put in our backpack to combine taste with practicality?

From sandwiches to savory pies, the list of dishes that can enrich our trips is long and tasty, but I can give you some tips to avoid falling into the usual choices made quickly:

A good dish should be balanced, and even a sandwich can be healthy and flavorful if chosen carefully. The queens of well-being on the table are undoubtedly the vegetables , so I suggest you insert them in the most practical forms (for example grilled which are also comfortable in a simple toast).