B2B logistics

B2B logistics

They Aren’t Getting Fully Reimbursed for Gas

While many restaurants partly reimburse their drivers for gas money, it’s often not enough to cover the amount they are burning on their deliveries. Some restaurants pay by the mile and some by the delivery. Regardless, it’s likely not enough to cover the cost of gas for the driver, not to mention the general wear and tear they are putting on their own vehicles every night. Keep that in mind when you’re ordering delivery. You didn’t have to leave your air-conditioned house to drive across town in heat, rain, snow, etc. Drivers are losing money when you don’t tip.

They Are Helping Make / Prepare Your Food

Delivery drivers, contrary to popular belief, don’t just sit on their rear-ends when they aren’t driving. They are expected to help out while back at the restaurant. Therefore, there is a good chance they are preparing, boxing, making your food before they bring it to you. The first time you order from a place, it’s a good idea to give them the benefit of the doubt and tip well. If, after paying, you find the food to be sloppily boxed, cold, and generally not cared for, then feel free to reduce the tip next time. However, if you tip poorly or not at all, the driver will remember your address and won’t hesitate to listlessly prepare your food, package it without care, and take their sweet time on the way to your house.

It’s Not a Comfortable Job

I personally enjoy being a delivery driver, but not because it’s easy. It’s anything but. Yes, the simple job description is “taking food from a restaurant to a person’s house,” but there is much missing from that description. We battle rush-hour traffic almost constantly (it’s the traffic you want to avoid, so you order delivery, right?), have to deal with your crazy pets that attack us when you open the door, and are constantly a target for robberies since we’re alone and carrying a lot of cash. Although some people enjoy it, it’s not an easy job without much to worry about. It’s a constant stress and is truly dangerous.