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The otah is a fish cake of southeast Asia, mainly in Indonesian and Malay. It is mainly made of ground fish mixed along with a range of spices such as chilies, lemongrass, and turmeric and finally wrapped in leaf parcels. Traditionally, the otah singapore is served grilled or steamed, which is encased within the parcel of leaf in which the cooking is done. It can be eaten as a part of a meal along with the steamed rice or as a snack be eaten solely. Meanwhile, there is a range of varieties available throughout southeast Asia whose recipe resembles those founded in Muar, Johor.

Fish be used
As fish is the chief ingredient, it is vital for picking the right kind. Typically, the Spanish mackerel is used in terms of making otah. Fishes like marlin, cod, or red snapper are other kinds that can be used too.

Wrap the cake
⦁ In attap leaves, it is wrapped traditionally, which are mainly from the tree of nipa palm.
⦁ Banana leaves availability is easier and also be used for wrapping the otah. The measurement of each piece is 6 inches x 4 inches. Onto the leaf’s middle lengthwise just scoop the fish paste. To the middle, fold the sides, and along with the toothpicks secure the leaf.

It can be concluded that otah is made chiefly from fish paste and also can be found throughout countries like Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Its appearance as squashy and soft gives it a similar look to the brain.